How to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer

All personal injury lawyers are not created equal. An attorney may have the law degree to handle your case, but he or she may not be of the same caliber as a different option. The attorney you choose will bring unique skills, experience, standards, and strategies to your case. You should feel confident in your decision. If you recently suffered serious injuries in an accident in Georgia, contact the right personal injury lawyer for you.

Look Local

Law firms based in other states may not grasp Georgia specific laws or legal concepts as thoroughly as a local hire, even if they have licenses to take cases in your state. Your attorney needs local experience to find legal solutions for your unique challenges. Search for attorneys local to you. These attorneys will have a history with the courts and judges in your area. They will also know the best doctors, investigators, IT professionals and others in the region to help with your case. It is also important to hire locally so you can visit with your lawyer in person at your convenience.

Check for Practice Area Experience

It is critical to find an attorney with experience in your practice area. If you suffered an injury in a slip and fall accident, for example, find a lawyer that lists premises liability as one of its practice areas. A law firm’s website will often show you the types of cases it most commonly accepts. Look for a practice area that matches the type of accident you or a loved one recently experienced. A focus on your practice area can bring benefits to your case such as in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and its related laws.

Ask for Referrals

Family members, friends or coworkers may have personal injury attorneys they can recommend from previous cases. Ask around to see if someone you know can give you a recommendation. If you already have an attorney for something other than personal injuries, such as a family law or estate-planning lawyer, ask him or her for personal injury firm referrals. A referral from a firm you already trust can be an excellent lead to follow.

Read Reviews and Case Results

What past clients have to say about a firm can give you an idea of whether it is the right fit for you. Rather than only looking at the number of stars a firm has on review sites, take the time to read through some of the client testimonials. Find out what makes the firm different, as told by clients who have been there. Look for keywords such as professional, courteous, knowledgeable, communicative and results-driven. You should also review case results, if available. Although prior successes do not guarantee future results, they can confirm a lawyer’s ability to obtain settlements and verdicts.

Meet With the Lawyers

Based on your location, type of accident, firm reviews and personal preferences, narrow down your choices to the top three prospects. Once you have your list, call each firm to get a feel for the atmosphere. The representative that answers your call should be friendly and welcoming. He or she should be able to connect you directly with an attorney or schedule a free consultation at a later time. Arrange to meet with a lawyer from each of your top choices.

During your initial consultation, pay attention to how the attorney treats you. The personal injury lawyer you choose should not dismiss your concerns or make you feel like a nuisance. You should have the opportunity to tell your story, ask questions and get personalized responses. The lawyer should be courteous, as well as knowledgeable about your practice area. He or she should give you a good feeling about hiring the firm to take your case.

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