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Dog Bite Attorney in Norcross, Georgia

Fighting for Victims of Animal Attacks

Dog bites can be some of the most serious injuries we see at Dermer Appel Ruder, even leading to permanent injury or death. Together, our Georgia animal bite lawyers have more than 80 years of experience working directly with the insurance industry. We’ve represented an enormous range of personal injury clients in our years in the business.

Dog bites and animal attacks can leave catastrophic psychological and emotional damage. Luckily, our Georgia dog bite attorneys have the power and prowess to achieve excellent results even in the most complex cases within the Gwinnett, DeKalb, and Fulton Georgia Counties, just to name a few.

If you’ve been the victim of an animal attack, don’t hesitate to contact our Georgia dog bite attorneys at (404) 892-8884 to schedule an initial consultation.

Georgia Dog Bite Laws

In 2019, a Gwinnett County woman died after being attacked by three pit bulls. In 2017, three Georgians died in violent dog attacks. One of these cases, involving a deceased six-year-old and a critically injured five-year-old in Atlanta, made national news. Dog bites are no small matter. They can cause serious and fatal injuries to the skull and brain, puncture wounds, lacerations, broken bones, and severe bleeding.

Hundreds of people in Georgia suffer wounds that require serious emergency medical care from animal attacks. Dogs aren’t the only perpetrators – cats, rodents, and other pets can also cause bite injuries. It is generally up to the pet owner to reasonably prevent attacks. In Georgia, a dog owner will be liable for bite damages if the owner knew or should have known about the animal’s propensity for violence.

Also called the “one-bite rule,” Georgia’s law holds that the owner is responsible if he/she negligently fails to prevent an attack after having reason to suspect violent propensities. For example, if the dog had previously bitten someone, attacked a domestic animal, chased someone, or jumped on someone, the owner must then take steps to prevent such an issue from occurring again. Otherwise, he or she will be liable for damages.

What to Do if You Are Bitten By a Dog?

If a dog bites you, no matter how minor the wound is, it is crucial to take the following steps to restore your health and take possible legal action against the dog owner.

  • Seek medical attention immediately: Even if the wound is minor, you should immediately seek medical attention. Dog bites can be dangerous, especially if left untreated. They can lead to serious infection and possible amputation of the affected part. Even if it is a claw scratch, your doctor should check it out. Such scratches could result in illness and severe infections. Therefore, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible after suffering dog bite injuries.
  • Identify the dog owner: You should identify the dog owner and ensure they have it under control. This will prevent another attack or further damage. Identifying the dog owner or controller is crucial, especially if you plan to file a personal injury claim. The individual will be held responsible for your damages. Identifying the culprit is a crucial step in a dog bite injury case.
  • Obtain evidence: If possible, you should obtain evidence to help prove negligence. Our dedicated Norcross dog bite attorneys at Dermer Appel Ruder, LLC, encourage you to get photos of the attack location and the animal. If witnesses were on site, you should also get their contact information. Witnesses play a vital role in probing your claim. Photos of your clothes and wounds from the dog bite are also quite helpful.

Dog Bites in Georgia

In Georgia, a dog does not get a one-bite or one-strike exception. This means that even if the dog bites someone for the first time, the owner may be held liable for all damages.  To recover in a dog bite case, a victim of a dog bite must show that the dog’s owner had of the dog’s dangerous or vicious nature. The knowledge may be established from a dog’s behavior other than that of an actual previous bite.

For example, did the dog growl or snap at people in the past? These prior incidents of snapping and growling may be proof of the dog’s propensity to bite. Proof that a dog owner had the requisite knowledge to establish liability in a dog bite case requires thorough investigation.

The Norcross attorneys at Dermer Appel Ruder, LLC have the tools and experience to gather this information.  In Georiga,  dog owner’s are responsible for managing their dog and keeping it on a leash. Local leash laws direct dog owners to keep them under control at all times. However, not everyone follows those rules – even when they know their dog may have a propensity to bite or attack.

If you sustain injuries caused by a dog bite, the Norcross dog bite lawyers at Dermer Appel Ruder, LLC, are here to help. We will fight for your rights and ensure the defendant pays for your medical bills, disfigurement, scarring, pain and suffering, and other damages you have experienced from being bitten by a dog. It is vital to work with an experienced and competent Norcross dog bite attorney to increase your chances of getting compensation.

Damages You Can Recover from a Dog Bite

One of the most common questions we get following a dog bite incident is the damages you can recover. The most common loss you can recover after being bitten by a dog is your medical expenses. No matter the size of the injury, you are likely to end up in an emergency room. This will cost you some money. If the injury is serious, you will need follow-up treatment and care. The frequency of hospital visits will see bills pile up quickly.

If you cannot go to work while recovering from the dog bite injuries, you may also receive lost wages. Dog bites can sometimes be so severe that you have to change your livelihood. They can impact your mobility and make you unable to perform tasks like before. For instance, if a dog bite results in amputation, you will be eligible for future lost wages. You will also be eligible for lost earning capacity as you will not be able to work in the future.

Our Norcross dog bite attorneys at Dermer Appel Ruder, LLC will ensure you get sufficient compensation, especially if you lose your ability to work.

Additionally, you may receive compensation for your pain and suffering due to dog bite injuries. Sustaining dog bite injuries can be overwhelming, especially if they cause nerve damage. If these injuries cause disfiguration, you might have low self-esteem. Such cases result in mental anguish and lots of emotional suffering. Dog bite cases can cause long-term emotional trauma, especially when children are involved.

If your child has suffered dog bite injuries, our attorneys will ensure the guilty party is responsible for the injuries. You may also recover damages for disfigurement – such as scarring that results from a dog bite or dog attack. The attorneys at Dermer Appel Ruder, LLC understand

Georgia Leash Laws

Georgia has relatively many dangerous dog breed ordinances compared to other states, most of which relate to pit bulls. On top of laws determining which dogs are “dangerous,” Georgia also has a “Responsible Dog Ownership Law.” This law requires owners of dangerous dogs to register their pets with the county, as well as to carry $50,000 in liability insurance in the event of an attack. It is a misdemeanor not to obey this law while in possession of a dangerous dog.

Most counties in Georgia have enacted leash laws, requiring dog owners to keep their pets leash-curbed always, unless in a designated off-leash area (such as an enclosed dog park). Dogs must also be under voice control if owners let them off-leash in appropriate areas. When at home, a fence or other barrier must keep dogs safely confined on the property. Failure to confine dogs safely to a property could result in animal control impounding them. For more information on these laws, contact the Georgia dog bite attorneys at Dermer Appel Ruder, LLC.

Who Is Liable for a Dog Bite Attack?

The owner of the dog that bit you will be liable for your injuries and/or property damages if the owner knew about the dog’s viciousness but failed to prevent the attack. Under Georgia’s one-bite rule, this is the only way you can hold the pet owner responsible. If the owner had no reason to suspect the attack would occur, the courts might not hold him/her responsible for what happened.

If someone other than the pet owner had control over the dog at the time of the bite, this party could be liable for damages. The same is true if someone else’s negligence – such as a fence repair person who leaves a board loose – contributed to the accident. The person or entity most responsible for causing the dog bite will be liable for damages. A property owner could also share responsibility in some cases. You can recover damages even if you were partially responsible for the incident (i.e., you were provoking the dog) in Georgia. Find out what your case could be worth – contact our Georgia dog bite lawyers today.

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Let Our Norcross Dog Bite Lawyers Help

Dog bite injuries can be devastating, disfiguring, and potentially life-threatening. If you have suffered a dog bite injury in Georgia, our experienced Norcross dog bite attorneys at Dermer Appel Ruder, LLC, are ready to help. We have many years of experience helping Georgia residents recover compensation for dog-related injuries. Call 404-892-8884 today to schedule a free meeting with us.

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