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Wrongful Death Attorney in Norcross, Gwinnett County

While there is no legal action that can compensate for the loss of a loved one, a Georgia wrongful death attorney can ensure that justice is served for you and your family. The lawyers at Dermer Appel Ruder have an edge in the courtroom when representing clients involved in wrongful death lawsuits.

  • We have a combined 80 years of litigation experience, including experience working directly with the insurance industry.
  • We are not intimidated by larger corporations and will take a case to trial if it is necessary to secure maximum compensation.
  • We will not charge any fees until we recover compensation on your behalf.
  • We put our clients first, prioritizing building and maintaining relationships so we can understand your unique circumstances.

We know how insurance companies handle fatal accident claims in Georgia, as well as how to get the most for these claims.

If you believe your loved one died due to the wrongful actions of another party, you may have the right to seek justice and compensation for your loss. The experienced wrongful death attorneys in Norcross at Dermer Appel Ruder, LLC can help you navigate the complex legal process of a wrongful death claim.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim?

In Georgia, the deceased person’s surviving spouse, children, or parents can file a wrongful death claim. If there are no surviving family members, the administrator or executor of the deceased person’s estate may file a claim. Dermer Appel Ruder, LLC can help determine if you can file a wrongful death claim and guide you through the legal process.

Common Causes of Wrongful Death

Under the wrong circumstances, any personal injury can turn fatal. A life-threatening injury such as one to the brain or spinal cord can arise from a car accident. No matter how your loved one died, consult with a Georgia wrongful death attorney. It’s possible that someone else could be legally responsible for the fatal accident.

Wrongful death is a tragic event that can occur under various circumstances. In Georgia, some of the most common causes of wrongful death include:

  • Car Accidents: Car accidents are one of the leading causes of wrongful death in Georgia. These accidents can be caused by various factors, including driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driver negligence, and reckless driving.
  • Medical Malpractice: Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare provider’s negligence or wrongdoing results in a patient’s death.
  • Workplace Accidents: Workplace accidents can occur in any industry, but they are more common in industries like construction, manufacturing, and transportation. These accidents can be caused by various factors, including equipment malfunctions, falls, and exposure to hazardous materials.
  • Criminal Acts: Wrongful death can also result from criminal acts such as murder, manslaughter, or assault. In such cases, the offender can be held criminally and civilly liable for the wrongful death.
  • Defective Products: Wrongful death can also occur due to defective products, including faulty machinery, unsafe medical devices, and dangerous prescription drugs.
  • Nursing Home Neglect: Elderly individuals living in nursing homes may suffer wrongful death due to neglect or abuse by staff members. This may include failure to provide basic care, medication errors, and physical or emotional abuse.

It is important to note that these are not the only causes of wrongful death; every case is unique. Suppose you believe that your loved one’s death was caused by the intentional or negligent actions of a third party. In that case, it is important to seek the help of an experienced Norcross wrongful death attorney who can investigate the circumstances surrounding the death and help you understand your legal options. The Norcross wrongful death attorneys at Dermer Appel Ruder, LLC have extensive experience representing clients in various wrongful death cases, and they can help you pursue justice and compensation for your loss.

Elements of a Wrongful Death Claim

In Georgia, several key elements must be proven in order to bring a successful wrongful death claim. These elements include:

  • Negligence or Intentional Harm: The plaintiff must show that the defendant was negligent or intentionally caused the deceased person’s death. Negligence refers to a failure to exercise reasonable care, while intentional harm means the defendant deliberately caused the harm that led to the person’s death.
  • Causation: The plaintiff must also prove that the defendant’s actions were the cause of the deceased person’s death. This means showing that the death would not have occurred if not for the defendant’s actions or inactions.
  • Standing: Only certain individuals are allowed to bring a wrongful death claim in Georgia. Typically, this includes surviving spouses, children, and parents of the deceased person. There must be a relationship between the deceased and the complainant. This is a key element in wrongful death cases.

Proving these elements can be a complex and challenging process, and it often requires the help of an experienced wrongful death attorney. A wrongful death lawyer in Norcross can help gather evidence, interview witnesses, and build a strong case that supports the plaintiff’s claims. Additionally, an attorney can help the plaintiff understand their legal rights and options, and they can provide guidance and support throughout the entire legal process.

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Why Choose Dermer Appel Ruder, LLC?

The Norcross wrongful death lawyers at Dermer Appel Ruder, LLC, have extensive experience representing clients in wrongful death claims. We understand the emotional and financial toll that a wrongful death can take on a family, and they will fight tirelessly on your behalf to ensure that justice is served. We are dedicated to providing personalized attention and compassionate support to each of our clients throughout the legal process.

Call us at (404) 892-8884 and use your free consultation with our attorneys to find out if you have the right to file a claim. If so, our Georgia wrongful death lawyers can help.

What To Do After the Wrongful Death of a Loved One?

1) Take Your Time

The sudden loss of a loved one can feel incredibly overwhelming. Don’t make any difficult decisions or sign any settlement agreements until you have time to process what has happened.

2) Talk to Your Insurance Company

You will need to inform your insurance company if you want to file a wrongful death claim. While it’s important not to sign any settlement agreements, you’ll likely need to give your insurance company a recorded statement of what happened. The at-fault party’s insurance company may contact you for a recorded statement as well; do not record anything for them until you speak to a lawyer.

3) Contact an Attorney

Speaking to a wrongful death attorney early in the process can help you determine if you have a strong claim. Our attorneys offer free case evaluations to help you explore your rights.

What You Can Do After the Wrongful Death of a Loved One?

Your rights and legal options after the unexpected death of a loved one will depend upon your relationship to the deceased person. In Georgia, the spouse of the deceased person has the first right to file a wrongful death claim. If this person doesn’t exist or doesn’t file, the right goes to adult children, then to surviving parents, then to a personal representative of the estate.

If you’re one of these parties, you have two years from the date of your relative’s death to file a wrongful death claim in Georgia. You will need to go to the Gwinnett, DeKalb, Cobb, or Fulton County civil courts to bring your lawsuit against the party allegedly responsible (“liable”) for your loved one’s fatal accident. This could be an employer, a drunk driver, a product manufacturer, criminal, and/or another party.

Types of Wrongful Death Damages

The courts may award you and/or the estate damages for the wrongful death if you can prove that the accident would not have happened but for the negligent or wrongful acts of the defendant. Damages can include:

  • Payment for burial and funeral expenses
  • Medical bills up until the time of death
  • Property damages
  • Lost income
  • Lost love and companionship
  • Pain and suffering

Proving a Wrongful Death in Georgia

Proving wrongful death takes showing four main elements. First, that the defendant in question owed your loved one a duty of care. Second, that the defendant breached or failed in this duty. Third, that the breach of duty caused your loved one’s injuries and death. Fourth, that you (the claimant) suffered real damages because of the defendant’s negligence. Proving these four elements may require testimony from experts, evidence such as medical bills, and even a recreation of the fatal accident. That’s where our Georgia injury lawyers come in.

Do You Need a Georgia Wrongful Death Lawyer?

Wrongful death is the gravest possible outcome of someone else’s negligence. It is unfair that we can lose the most important people in our lives because of someone else’s mistake, error, lapse in judgment, or act of recklessness. When the worst happens, your best confidant can be your family’s personal injury attorney. The Georgia wrongful death lawyers at Dermer Appel Ruder offer help for your family through this difficult time.

Our law firm can take care of all aspects of your claim on your behalf, including the initial filing of your claim within the statute of limitations. We can help you identify the appropriate defendant(s), file your claim, and prove negligence, if applicable. We know how to fight for better case outcomes than you would receive on your own. More importantly, we’ll provide a strong support system for you and your family in the face of a tragedy. Our firm proudly serves Atlanta and all surrounding areas. We can help, and it starts with a free legal consultation.

Serving Atlanta and all surrounding areas including but not limited to Alpharetta, Duluth, Dunwoody, Gwinnett, Johns Creek, Peachtree Corners & Roswell.

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