What’s An Average Georgia Car Accident Injury Case Worth?

According to the Georgia Department of public health, vehicle accidents are the leading cause of injuries that result in death among Georgians and the second most likely reason to seek emergency treatment. Though the number of deaths decreased by 2.3% – from 1540 in 2017 to 1504 in 2018 – the number of pedestrian cases has risen steadily over the years.

If you know someone who was unfortunate enough to go through a car accident, then you’ll know how stressful the situation can become for the person and their family. Its after-effects are even more challenging to manage, considering the medical and legal turmoil that ensues. We hope that you never have to go through such a situation, but it’s best to be aware of your legal rights and what you’re entitled to.

Factors that Influence a Car Accident Injury Case

One thing you should remember is that car accident cases can become complicated and depend on a number of different factors. Each case is different and depends on the parties involved, the damage sustained, and how the sequence of events leading up to the event played out. Let’s look at some of these factors in particular so that you have a better idea of your settlement claim.


Georgia law requires that you have the minimum limits of liability insurance to cover motor damages on the road. If you run into an accident where you’re clearly at fault, liability insurance helps pay for the damages sustained to the people involved in the accident or the property damage they sustained. Unfortunately, the same courtesy may not apply to you if the roles are reversed. Many motorists in Georgia do not follow this law or have insurance coverage that’s expired. In cases like these, you may have to look into uninsured motorist insurance to receive an adequate settlement. Otherwise, the party at fault will not be able to pay the settlement amount, and you’ll be left at a loss.

Financial Losses

Right off the bat, car accident injury cases have some financial losses associated with them, which the victim has to endure. Other than the medical cost associated with your injury, you may sustain property damage, lost earnings due to the severity of the injury (past or future), or the cost of requiring help in the form of mental or physical treatment. Again, the case depends on how the car accident injury case plays out.

Note that there is no limit to what financial loss claims you can incorporate in your car accident injury case. It’s best to evaluate all the associated financial hurdles you’ll go through before you discuss the case with your lawyer.

No-Fault State

Car accident cases are handled in two ways in the US: based on fault or a regular insurance claim. Fault insurance claims put the onus on the party at fault to pay for all the damages associated with the car accident. Since Georgia is one of many states where fault insurance claims are required by law, the worth of Georgia car accident injury cases is generally higher. No-fault insurance claims are easier to spin off, resulting in shared fault between the parties involved in the accident. Hence, no-fault insurance claims normally result in a lesser degree of compensation.

Pain and Suffering

It might be the case that your injury leads you down a path of pain and suffering. These damages are subjective and depend on how the victim’s quality of life has been affected after the accident. A victim may have to deal with emotional damage, their past injuries may become exacerbated, or they may have to endure embarrassment and humiliation on account of disfigurement. These damages are quantifiable in a claim and can be awarded to the victim depending on the severity of the accident.

The Aftermath

After a car accident, there is a particular sequence of events that you need to follow that can bolster your insurance claim. They will determine how you’ll deal with the authorities involved in assessing your claim. The insurance adjuster representing the at-fault party (or your own if uninsured motorist insurance claim) will go through your filed claim with a fine-toothed comb in hopes of lowballing your stated amount. Additionally, you can seek the help of a car accident attorney if you think that you’re not getting the due settlement you deserve.

Steps to Improve the Worth of a Georgia Car Accident Injury Case?

  1. Never admit fault – Remember, insurance claims in Georgia work based on determining the party at fault. If you admit you’re at fault, your case will have no value.
  2. Talk to Your Attorney First – Insurance adjusters will try to get a hold of you early on to try to stick to an offer that covers the bare minimum of your claim. Talk to your attorney first before agreeing to anything to get the best offer.
  3. Do Not Lie – Stick to the facts of the car accident. You may not remember what happened and may have delayed symptoms that can impair your cognitive function. Lying will only worsen your situation. It becomes hard to keep track of and can be used against you.

Final Word

If you’re wondering what an average Georgia car accident injury case is worth, then reach out to us. We’ll let you know all the necessary information to prepare you for unfortunate situations like these. Our legal team has a combined 80 years of working with personal injury cases and knows how to navigate the legal system with efficiency and expertise. Visit our website or contact us today at (404)-892-8884 to schedule your free consultation with one of our award-winning attorneys.

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